New Dean Technology HV Surfave Mount Diodes;

- SLA20S - 20,000 Volts - 55mA - 100ns
- SLA25S - 25,000 Volts - 50mA - 100ns
- SLA30S - 30,000 Volts - 40mA - 100ns

- SLP05M -   5 ,000 Volts - 1,000mA - 75ns
- SLP10M - 10,000 Volts -    450mA - 75ns
- SLU08M -   8,000 Volts -   850mA - 40ns
- SLU15M - 15,000 Volts -    450mA - 50ns

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CKE New 2015 Power Electronics Components Catalog
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HVPSI New HVM40B Digital High Voltage Meter for measurements of positive or negative voltages from 500 to 40,000 Volts
HVM40B Data Sheet

New 1N6101 Diode Array consisting of eight individual high breakdown & fast switching speed diodes. The 16 Pin Dual In Line Array comes in a Hermetic Ceramic Package and offers the designer maximum flexibility for circuit design and board layout.
Part Number = 1N6101STX

New Power Schottky Module in Original High Reliability Half Pack
Single Diode module in 120Amps, 200Amps and 240Amps
Voltages 100 Volts & 200 volts
123NQ100 203NQ100 243NQ100 243NQ200

New Silicon Carbide Semiconductors: MOSFET, Schottky Diodes and Bridge Modules.  Silicon Carbide Technology offers increased efficiency and higher switching frequency.
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New Three Phase Rectifier Bridge 100Amps - 600V to 1600 volts.
Available in 3 different circuit configurations - Available for Aerospace, Industrial and Military applications.
Part Number = M50-100-TB-XXX

New High Reliability I.C. Voltage Regulators - Positive & Negative
Fixed, Adjustable, Low Drop - Hermetic Through The Hole & SMD types:
I.C. Voltage Regulator Info

New 3 Phase Mosfet Bridge 30Amps, 200 volts packaged in 12 pin, Dual in-line Hermetically sealed case geared for rugged Hi-Rel and Military applications.  Three Phase Rectifier Bridge versions available.
Part Number = SES838

New Surface Mount Transient Suppressor Moly Cell Designed
 for Aerospace and Military Applications.  Standard 5000 Watts.
10,000 Watts (10KP) and 15,000 Watts (15KP) devices available
Unipolar & Bipolar Constructions.
Part Number = Cell 5KPxx Moly series

New DO-5 High Voltage Rectifier - 25 Amps 2500 & 3600 Volts
Part Number = 25A25 & 25A36

New High Reliability 25Amps - 600 Volts 3 Phase Rectifier Bridge:
Part Number = 483-03 & 483-03HR

New JAN / JANTX Qualification - MIL-PRF-19500 / 162:
1N1614, 1N1614R, 1N1615, 1N1615R, 1N1616, 1N1616R
1N4458, 1N4458R, 1N4459, 1N4459R

New Hi-Rel Surface Mount Ultra Fast Rectifier 5 Amps 200 Volts 35ns in a small low profile hermetically sealed case.
Part Number = SES849

New High Power Thyristor/Thyristor Phase Control modules rated at 2400 volts operational. Devices include 215 Amps to 70 Amps
Part Numbers = STT70N24KOF & STT215N24TOF

New 30KP 30K Watts Axial Leaded Transient Voltage Suppressor - Voltages from 33V to 440V in both Unidirectional and Bi-Directional
Part Number = 30KP33A/CA to 30KP440A/CA

New 2.5Amps Three Phase Rectifier Bridge in miniature package for HI-REL applications
Part Number = SES700-X

New P-Channel Mosfet 22 Amps in small TO-257 SMD package
Part Number = SES837

New 0.12 pf & 1.7 Ohms Fast Switching silicon Beam Lead Pin Diode designed for Low Loss High Isolation microwave switch and attenuator circuits.  Beam Lead construction offers a high level of ruggedness for critical applications.
Part Number = SP49X12

New High Temperature High Power Rectifier geared for Aircraft Power Systems, High Reliability Power Supplies, Motor Controls, Cyclic Loading and Rotating Applications. In addition to the industry standard D0-5 package, other packages and configurations are available.
Part Numbers = SES816 & SES817

New Semitronics DSSC Military Qualification: MIL-PRF-19500M/260F

New High Temperature 250C Medium Power Rectifier in hermetically sealed package ideally suited for high reliability applications.  In addition to the standard D0-4 package, other application specific packages are available.
Part Numbers = SES814 & SES815

New single chip High Voltage Power Schottky rated at 200 Volts & 15 Amps featuring very low Forward Voltage and low Reverse Leakage packaged in hermetic TO-257 package.
Part Number = SES822

New Axial Lead High Voltage Rectifier in low profile Flat Package
Voltage range from 2500 to 10,000 volts @ 2.2 Amperes Current
with 75 nanoseconds fast recovery. Applications include H.V. Power Supplies, Radar, Electrostatic Precipitators, etc.
Part Number = HVxxF series

Module Transient Suppressor offers 60.000 Watts of Bidirectional
clamping capability in a small package outline for Industrial and Military
power supplies.
Part Number = SES757

New Low Profile High Voltage Bridge Rectifier with ratings of:
IF = 6 Amps @100C, VRRM = 1600 Volts,  VF = 1.1 Volts @ 6Amps,
IFSM = 250 Amps & Voltage Isolation of >2500 Volts.
Part Number = KBU616

New Double Pole Double Throw, Low Level to 2 Amperes Solid State Relay replacement for MIL39016/13 mechanical relay.  This Solid state version eliminates the need for life-cycle maintenance replacements of mechanical relays.
Part Number = CT-522

New Surface Mount High Voltage Diode - This is true surface mount
high voltage diode packaged in SMA profile.  Features PIV rating of 3000 volts with very low 2.7 volts forward voltage and an average forward
current of 250 mAmps.  Typical recovery time is 75 nS.
Part Number = SM3F

New High Voltage, High Current Darlington Array in hermetically
sealed package.  High Reliability Screening to MIL-883:
ULS2803R & ULS2803R-883

New CMOS Dual Peripheral Driver I.C.ís. :
DS1631J  & DS1631J-883    DS1632J  & DS1632J-883
DS1633J  & DS1633J-883    DS1634J  & DS1634J-883

Two channel Isolated Mosfet Driver with Active Discharge drives
Mosfets and IGBTís while providing 1000 volts of protective isolation
with fast turn-on and fast turn-off
Part Number = CT222ADM

New 3 Phase Rectifier Bridge 1000 Volts, 210 Amps, 5 microsecond in Isolated Hermetic Package. Offers high power in small package for Military and Hi-Reliability Power Supplies. 
Part Number = SES790

New Power IGBT Rated At 200 Amps & 600 Volts in Hermetically Sealed Metallic Case. Applications include Hi-Reliability Power Supplies, Switch Mode Supplies, DC Choppers, etc.
Part Number = SEG506200

New Hi-Reliability 8A-60Volt Fast Switching Solid State Power Relay
with Optical Isolation geared for Aircraft Power Supplies.
Part Number = CT402

New Hi-Reliability Three Phase Bridge Assembly.  Characteristics include Aluminum Case, 75 Amps Output Current, Voltage Range of 100 to 1000 volts, 150ns Fast Recovery, Hermetically Sealed.
Part Number = S3PHBxxF
Available in Commercial, MIL, STX, and STXV Levels.

New Power Mosfet 16A-200V Low On-Resistance of 0.09ohms in TO-257 or SMD package.
Part Number = SES760
Available in Commercial, MIL, STX and STXV Military levels

New Power Rectifier 60A-600V-35ns Single Chip TO-258.
Part number SPD6060
Availble in commercial,  MIL, STX and STXV levels.

New Power Mosfet High Power & High Voltage in smaller TO-257 Package. 11A-500V-0.52ohms.
Part Number SES74
Available in commercial, MIL, STX and STXV levels


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