High Reliability Photovoltaic Mosfet Drivers


  • Active Gate Discharge
  • Optical Isolation
  • High Isolation Voltage
  • Drive Capable at Extreme Temperatures
  • Hermetically Sealed Packages
  • S83B Military Screening
  • Wide Operating Temperature Range


  • Aerospace, Military, Industrial
  • High Reliability
  • Gate Drive Power Mosfets & IGBTs
  • Solid State Relays
  • Process Controls
  • Switching Power Supplies
  • DC Motor Control

8 Pin Cerdip

20 Pin LCC

Our Isolated Photovoltaic MOSFET Drivers are used when a high level of electrical isolation is required.
The driver can isolate the MOSFET / IGBT from more sensative control circuitry and enable the source and drain connections to reach any potential within the range of isolation voltage. 

High photo efficiency produces fast turn-ons.  A low off state impedance insures fast turn off and immunity from dv/dt when the MOSFET is in the off state.
Our devices are encapsuled in High Reliability Hermatically Sealed packages in both Surface Mount and Through the Hole.  Typical packages include 8Pin Cerdip, LCC6, LCC20, etc.
Add S83B suffix to part number for Military & High Reliability Screening.

Data Sheet for CT201ADD CERDIP-8

Data Sheet for CT201HDD LCC6

Data Sheet for CT201DSM LCC20

Data Sheet for CT202DM TO-5 Metal Can

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