Semitronics Corp.- Making “hard-to-find” easy to get…

                 Semitronics - Your Supplier for Zero Source
                     & Diminishing Source Semiconductor Devices

Semitronics provides hard-to-find and discontinued devices as part of our complete
solution.  With over 40 years experience in the semiconductor market, Semitronics
supports you with the manufacture of obsolete/zero source semiconductor devices
while, at the same time, continuing the production of diminishing source semiconductors.

Our product experience, coupled with our unique Closed Loop Manufacturing System and
our semiconductor line acquisitions from such factories as Westinghouse/General Electric/Powerex,
allows Semitronics the capability to develop, design and bring to market an obsolete or
special semiconductor device in a relatively short time period.  Semitronics’ in-house wafer
fab, together with our in-house machine tool shop facility, allows us to design a device from
the ground up and incorporate it in a variety of
package options.

Throughout the years we continue to re-engineer obsolete industrial and military level
I.C.’s, Semiconductor Discretes and Opto Devices from such companies as:

      Alpha - Analog Devices - GE/RCA  - Motorola –  Optek - Philips  – Unitrode and more.

Our priority and goal has always been the customer.  We have always remained
continuously focused on customer needs, quality, technical support, reliable
customer service and on-time delivery.  Our investments in people and processes
have rewarded our growth as well as our customers.

 Contact us for your obsolete & hard-to-find requirements.

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