Features:  Large Variety of Rectifier Packages & Avalanche Capability
               Standard and Rotating Diodes for Generator Applications
               Special Devices to Source Control Drawings
               Rectifiers Available in Industrial and Military Hi-Rel Levels
               High Temperarure Rectifier Diodes to +250C

Rectifier Packages:  DO-7, DO-35, DO-4, DO5, DO13, DO-21, TO3, MELF, SOT23

Rectifier Applications:  Industrial, Military, Aircraft, Power Supplies

                               Click Here to view DO-4 Rectifier Data Sheet

Click Here to View DO-5 Rectifier Data Sheet
Click Here to View JAN JANTX JANTXV Rectifiers

Click Here to view HI-REL Rectifier Data Sheet

Click Here to View Pressfit DO-21 Rectifier Data Sheet                        

Popular Series:




1N1190 - 1N1198

1N1203 -  1N1206

1N1227 -  1N1236

1N1301 -  1N1306

1N1342 -  1N1345

1N1612 -  1N1616

1N2026 -  1N2030

1N2218 -  1N2258

1N3189 - 1N3190

1N2128 - 1N2138

1N3766 - 1N3768

1N3491 -  1N3493

1N3494 - 1N3495

1N5552     1N5553



BYX38  - BYX39

BYW88 -  R340

R310         R311

R404           R405

40HF     -   40A

70HF     -   70A

MR327  - MR331


R414         R413

16F    -     16A

20F      -     20A

25F      -     25A

S4AN21   S6AN21

S4GN41   S6GN41

S2GN72   S3GN72

S4GN72     S6GN72

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