Features: Silicon Suppressors, Silicon Carbide Suppressors, Selenium Suppressors
               Fast Response & Effective Protection of High Voltage Transients
                 Low Series Resistance & Low Capacitance Transient Suppressors
                 5 Volts to 450 volts Protection in Unipolar and Bi-Polar Suppressors
                 Low Power to 50.000 Watt High Power Transient Suppression
                 Special Voltages Available
                 Hi-Reliability Aerospace Versions Available
                 Commercial and Military STX Screening Devices Available

Packages: Glass, Cells, Metallic Axial DO-13, DO-4, DO-5, DO-9, DO-21,
                 DO-30, Modular Assemblies, SMD

Application: Telecom, Automotive, Industrial, Military, Aerospace

       Click Here To View Low Power DIP, 5KP, 15KP, 30KP & 1.5KW Suppressor Line

Click Here to View 28 Volt Power System Protection SMD Suppressor Cell

Click Here To View Power SMD Cell   Hermetic Cell Transient Suppressor

Click Here To View Medium & High Power Suppressor Line

       Selenium Power Suppressors   &  Silicon Carbide Varistors 

       MOV Modules - Arresters       &  High Energy Power MOVís

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