Features:  High Speed and Low Forward Drop. Current from 1Amp to 75Amps
                 Forward and Reverse Polarities Available. Zero Bias Schottky.
                 Special Schottky & Fast Recovery Rectifiers to Source Control Drawings
                 Hi-Reliability MIL Screening Available to STX & STXV Levels

Packages: MELF, SMA, SMB, SOT23, SOT223, DO-13, DO-4, DO-5, TO3,
                   TO254, TO-257, TO-258, TO-259 and New Half Pack

Schottky & Fast Recovery Applications: Switching Power Suplies: RF, Industrial, Telecom, Military

Popular Series:  See Below and Click Link    

1N3879 - 1N3883

1N3889 - 1N3893

1N3909 - 1N3913

1N5802 - 1N5816

1N5817 - 1N5822

1N5823 - 1N5824

1N5825 - 1N5826

1N5827 - 1N5828

1N5829   1N5830

1N5831   1N5832

1N5834   1N6096

75HQ045 80SQ045

BYT12  - BYT30

BYT60  - BYW77

BYW78  - BYW81

BYX61    -   BY65

SD41 SD51

SD241 - SD241P

SVD50    - SVD100

MBR      -   MR

UES701 - UES703

UES801 -  UES806



UES501 - UES505

ESM244 - ESM245

R711       -   R716

UC3610N UC3610J

UES704 - UES706

SSK       - SUF-

S2354-   Zero Bias

VHE      -     VSK

10CBQ  -  20CJQ

20FQ     - 30FQ

1N6095 -  1N6098

50HQ     USD345









Click Here to View DO-4, DO-5, TO-3 and Axial Metallic Schottky Data Sheet
Click Here to View TO-254, TO-257, TO-258/9 Schottky Data Sheet
Click Here to View Fast Recovery Axial, DO-4, DO-5 Data Sheet
 Click Here to View TO-254, TO-257/8/9 Fast Recovery Data Sheet

New Power Schottly Module in Original High Reliability Half Pack
123NQ100 120 Amps & 100 Volts
203NQ100 200 Amps & 100 Volts
243NQ100 240 Amps & 100 Volts
243NQ200 200 Amps & 200 Volts





UES1101 UES1101 UES1101 UES1102 UES1102 UES1102 UES1103 UES1103 UES1103 UES1104 UES1104 UES1104 UES1105 UES1105 UES11105 UES1105 UES1106 UES1106 UES1106 UES1301 UES1301 UES1301 UES1302 UES1302 UES1302 UES1303 UES1303 UES1303 UES1304 UES1304 UES1304 UES1305 UES1305 UES1305 UES1306 UES1306 UES1306 UES701 UES701 UES701 UES701R UES701R UES701R UES702 UES702 UES702   UES702R UES702R UES702R   UES703 UES703 UES703 UES703R UES703R UES703R UES704 UES704 UES704 UES704R UES704R UES704R UES705 UES705 UES705 UES705R UES705R UES705R UES706 UES706 UES706 UES706R UES706R UES706R UES801 UES801 UES801 UEUES805 UES805 UES805S801R UES801R UES801R  UES802 UES802 UES802 UES802R UES802R UES802R  UES803 UES803 UES803 UES803R UES803R UES803R UES804 UES804 UES804 UES804R UES804R UES804R UES805R UES805R UES805R  UES806 UES806 UES806 UES806R UES806R UES806R
1N5804 1N5804 1N5804 1N5806 1N5806 1N5806 1N5807 1N5807 1N5807 1N5809 1N5809 1N5809 1N58111 1N581 1N5811 BYW77-100 BWY77-100 BYW77-100 BYW77-100R BWY77-100R BYW77-100R BYW77-150 BWY77-150 BYW77-150 BYW77-150R BWY77-150R BYW77-150R SVD11-6 SVD100-6 SVD100-6 BYW31-100 BYW31-100 BYW31-100 BYW31-100R BYW31-100R BYW31-100R BYW31-150 BYW31-150 BYW31-150
BYW78-100 BYW78-100 BYW78-100 BYW78-150 BYW78-150 BYW78-150 BYW78-100R BYW78-100R BYW78-100R BYW78-150R BYW78-150R BYW78-150R

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