Features:  Metal and Plastic Packages
                 Thyristor Current of 1 Amp to 2500 Amps
                 Triacs’ Current of 1 Amp to 40 Amps
                 Fast Switching SCR’s to 10 microseconds Turn-off Time
                 Standard & Special Devices to Source Control Drawings
                 Commercial & Military Hi-Rel STX Screening Levels Available

Packages:  Plastic TO-92, TO-202, TO-220, TO3P
                     Metallic TO-3, TO-5, TO-48, TO-64, TO-83,
                     TO-93, TO-94, TO-200AB, TO-200AC

Applications:  Industrial, Military Phase Control, Motor Control, Welders,
                         Mining, UPS, Crowbar, Radar

Popular Series:
Low Power SCR’s & Triacs TO-92,TO202, TO-220, TO-5
Phase Control Military Grade Metal Stud SCR’s  7.4 To 25 Amp
Phase    Control Metal Stud SCR’s  25  To 35 Amperes
Phase Control Military Grade Metal Stud SCR’s  16  To 40 Amp
Inverter Grade Fast Turn Off SCR’s
Metallic Isolated & Non-Isolated Stud Power Triacs
High Power SCR’s & Fast Turn Off Thyristors Inverters

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